Friday, April 10, 2009

Eating Out - Sean Patrick's

I decided to satisfy my Irish food craving this week at Sean Patrick's, San Marcos' only Irish pub.

I have to say, I am never disappointed when I go here. The food is always awesome. I've had a few of the menu staples - Guinness Stew, Shepherd's Pie, BBQ Sausage sandwich, and hamburgers and they're all good. Always.

I've never had authentic Irish food - the closest I come is Bennigan's on occasion. But this "Irish Pub with Texas Grub" is really good for what it is.

The service is what you expect in San Marcos, slow with a little indifference tossed in, but this is par for the course in this town, and the food tastes too dang good for this to matter much.

If you like sports bars, you'll love the TVs all over this place. Yes, the music can get a little loud, but after the second beer you can ignore that. The atmosphere is your typical sports bar, just with an Irish flare. It's nice, clean, and again, you really don't care once you taste the food.

San Marcos needs more restaurants like Sean Patrick's - good food every  time you go!

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